Bättig im Kanton Luzern

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Bättig im Kanton Luzern

Beitrag von Bisabuela » So 15. Apr 2018, 04:16

Dear Mr Wolf,

I am looking for the origin of both my great-grand-parents surname origin: Uebelhart and Battig.
Would you please help me in this quest?
The name of my great-grandfather was Niklaus Uebelhart.
My great-grandmother: Catrina Battig. I believe she was born in Lucerna Kanton, on February 6, 1854, and emigrated to America in 1859 with her parents (Miguel Battig and Elizabeth Busang) and siblings.
I will greatly appreciate your help

Ana Uebelhart

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Re: Bättig im Kanton Luzern

Beitrag von Wolf » So 15. Apr 2018, 10:14

First of all - welcome to the forum, Ana 8-) !

You had originally posted your query under Schweizer Familiennamen (Ursprung) - but your question indicates to me that this (ethymological development of these two names) is not what you really wanted - correct me if I'm wrong. I assume you are looking for actual data on your ancestors.

Let me start with an explanation: we only discuss single families (defined by name and place of citizenship) in any single thread - so Bättig and Uebelhart will be discussed in separate threads. In case of marriage (like your case) these threads cyn be linked to each other.

I have chosen that Bättig should be discussed in this thread, since Catrine Bättig is the only person where you give some detail (date of birth).

The correct spelling of the name (in Switzerland) will be Bättig (with a-umlaut) - so this is the spelling you'll have to look for when searching in Switzerland. You have her date of birth, but place of birth is a bit vage - canton of Luzern. Unfortunately Bättig are fairly widespread in canton Luzern: 12 communities where Bättig have held citizenship since before 1800. Such information can be found on the Register of Swiss Surnames. Consequently the search should start in the following parishes: Altbüron, Egolzwil, Grosswangen, Hergiswil bei Willisau, Littau, Luthern, Mauensee, Ohmstal, Reiden, Schötz, Ufhusen, Willisau Land. As you have the DoB it should not be too difficult to check the corresponding baptismal registers - all Luzern church records are available online either via familysearch (e.g. Grossdietwil for Altbüron) or via the Luzern State Archive.

You should start a separate thread on Uebelhart. The only old place of citizenship is Welschenrohr (canton Solothurn), but there are also Uebelhard and Uebelhardt which you should not neglect. Anyway, your Niklaus Uebelhart will most likley originate from canton Solothurn - so this is the forum where you should place your query.

Only Bättig should be discussed here.

Wolf Seelentag, St.Gallen


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