RED STAR LINE, Central Rail station, hotels

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RED STAR LINE, Central Rail station, hotels

Beitrag von Jschili » So 24. Sep 2023, 15:56

Hello, I'd learned my second great grandfather had traveled from Zunsweier, Offenburg, Baden, Germany to Antwerp, Belgium to board the Red Star Line SS Nederland from 12/13 - 27 June from Antwerp to Philadelphia and another grandparent a few months later on board the SS Switzerland between 28-16 Dec between Antwerp and Philadelphia.

My question is, when emigrants arrived in Antwerp in preparation for their voyage to America - where did they stay? We're there hotels nearby?

How about any records? Would there be any civic, police, government records, passports, etc kept that might provide hints or insights into emigrants lives back in 1888?

Thanks everyone.


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