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I am seeking information on three siblings who are all born in Bern Switzerland, and immigrated to Belgium. This is what I know.

Ludwig "Louis" Daniel Wachterhauser born 01 Jun 1797 married Barbara Breichtstein
Benoit Frederic Wachterhauser born 08 Oct 1798 married Jeanne VanSprung or VanSprang, had a son Chrietien in Anvers Anterpen, Belgium that died 02 Jun 1835.
Elizabeth Wachterhauser born 24 Dec 1795 married John Christian Joss, had daughter Henrietta born 04 Apr 1838, Antwerp, and John Christian 24 May 1831 in Antwerp.

I need help with this family. If someone has information or a source I can write, I would appreciate it. Thanks

There is a separate thread for discussion of the time in Switzerland.
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Re: Wachterhauser

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I am new on (today) this forum so I'm wondering
did you find any results for your search in Antwerp?
jaanske Antwerpen


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