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Basic information

Beitrag von Wolf » Sa 25. Jun 2005, 16:18

Selected links of interest for genealogical research in canton Zug are found on
Useful is the compilation of "regional contacts" - volunteers giving free advice, based on their sometimes extensive resources:
Information on genealogical research in Switzerland in general is found under the umbrella of
Unfortunately for this canton no more detail is available on SwissGen, as is for many other cantons. If you feel, you could contribute yourself and could e.g. maintain a cantonal webpage, please, contact the webmaster:
For this you should have some basic knowledge of genealogical research in this canton as well as some experience in writing simple web pages (no frames, java, …). I would be pleased to hear from you.

Wolf Seelentag, St.Gallen
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Re: Selected links of interest for genealogical research in

Beitrag von bluewolfnz02 » Do 3. Feb 2011, 04:48

thank you very much for these resources.

Tracey Smart

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Familienforschung Kanton Zug

Beitrag von Bochtella » Di 1. Sep 2020, 15:09

Grüezi Lesende,

Familienforschung auf einer Webseite des Kantons Zug.



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