Henggeler von Unterägeri ZG

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Henggeler von Unterägeri ZG

Post by danihengas »

Hi. My name is Daniela Henggeler, i´m Portuguese. My great-great-grandfather was Franz Karl Eduard Henggeler, he came to work for Portugal in 1900´s. However, he died early. I look for descendants of their brothers (Hanz Henggeler - Emma Henggeler - Anna Henggeler), all of them born in 1870's 80's. I know that my great great great grandfather was Franz Anton Henggeler (one of Alois son), that married to Emma Probst (1841-1885). He had a factory in Unterageri, or in Igis.

Next week I'm going to Switzerland on vacation (5 days) and I'm staying in Lucerne and Zug, I really enjoyed finding the descendants of Emma Henggeler - Hans or Anna.

Does anyone know how to help me? Contacts ?

Thank you

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Re: Henggeler von Unterägeri ZG

Post by Wolf »

Welcome to the forum, Daniela.

Unfortunately Swiss Privacy Legislation makes it very difficult - and if possible at all, very time consuming, to find living relatives. I am sorry to say that for a visit next week it is likely too late (unless by chance one of these people reads this posting).

This forum is more aiming at finding information on ancestors.

To find living descendants the Migros-Magazin will be the better place - although chances are not too high there either.

Wolf Seelentag, St.Gallen

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Re: Henggeler von Unterägeri ZG

Post by Peter.D »

Hi Daniela, in addition to Wolf's suggestion you could also contact the Burgher Community (Bürgergemeinde) of Unterägeri, which is a parallel body to the political community. If I remember correctly, they have a family register of all burghers (Bürgerregister). Just try it!


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Re: Henggeler von Unterägeri ZG

Post by HenggelerP »

Hallo Daniela
Kann Dir alle Daten über Henggeler geben, entweder auf GEDCOM oder mit LegacyFamilyTree!

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Re: Henggeler von Unterägeri ZG

Post by Svenja »

Hi Daniela

I can give you much information about Franz Henggeler in Bern and Igis (from churchbooks and newspapers).
If you had got in contact with me earlier I could have made a guided tour through Unterägeri and Oberägeri for you.

Churchbooks of the Catholic Church of Bern (Kirchenbücher der Katholischen Kirchgemeinde Bern 1799-1875 in Latein)

Intelligenzblatt für die Stadt Bern (1834-1922) with news from the civil registry office and the Henggeler factory in Felsenau.
http://intelligenzblatt.unibe.ch/Defaul ... 2259901636

Newspapers of different parts of Switzerland (of special interest are the ones of the Canton Grisons and Zug)
http://newspaper.archives.rero.ch/Olive ... panel=home


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