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Sattler von Baar ZG

Posted: Fri 23. Sep 2011, 03:11
by Glosattler
Hi, My name is Gloria Sattler.
I write hoping that those who read this forum, maybe able to give me information relating the Sattler family. The family I am researching once lived in the village of Baar, Zug.
The family left Switzerland viaa 3 different generations 1st, 1875, 2nd 1901/1905 and 3rd 1912, the all immigrated to New Zealand.
I am trying to find a connection that ties these 3 generations together and also trying to find the connecting link that takes the Sattler family thru Austria and Germany.
Would appreciate any help from anyone in this matter.

My contact details: mail .....

Re: Sattler, village Baar, Canton Zug, Switzerland

Posted: Fri 23. Sep 2011, 20:17
by Peter.D
Hi Gloria,

I suggest you contact the Burgher Community (Bürgergemeinde) of Baar and ask them if someone has already compiled the family history of the Sattlers. The secretary of this corporation carries the maiden name Sattler!

Possible German text for your message:
Geschätzte Bürgergemeinde
Ich bin ein Nachkomme der Sattler von Baar und möchte gerne wissen, ob bereits jemand die Familiengeschichte (Genealogie) der Sattler von Baar erforscht hat?
Vielen Dank für Ihre Auskunft

Otherwise, you would have to evaluate the Family Registers of Baar which start around 1874 and show one family per page with links to the parents and married children. But that's very cumbersome, especially if you live in New Zealand ...


Re: Sattler von Baar ZG

Posted: Fri 23. Sep 2011, 23:43
by Glosattler
Hi Peter

Thanks for the information. I am aware there is a distant relation (maiden name Sattler) that holds the Secretarial position of the Corporation. I discovered this thru another avenue, and came across her brother. He has been very helpful.
Also I have contacted the archives of Switzerland, and they have given me quite a bit of information.
I was mainly writing thru here, on the off chance there was someone else connected to this forum that might be able to give me some answers.
But, thanks, might not be bad idea to try her anyway and see what I can obtain.

Re: Sattler von Baar ZG

Posted: Sat 24. Sep 2011, 08:42
by Peter.D
Hi Gloria,

If you already have such a good contact, why don't you ask her or her brother to check the old family registers (Bürgerregister), which are still kept by the Burgher Community (Bürgergemeinde) of Baar. Based on the dates indicated by you, all your families should be documented in those registers, allowing you to finally link them all together. If they can't read the old German script, they might also take pictures for you.


Re: Sattler von Baar ZG

Posted: Sat 24. Sep 2011, 09:47
by Glosattler
What information I have, and the information he has, is about the same now.
By what I hold, be it thru this Sattler connection and others, as in the Swiss archives etc, I have been able to date the Sattler family back to 1500's, but this is only the Swiss side, thru the village of Baar. What I am after is the connection that takes the family back thru Austria and then back to Germany.
So as have said, am hoping to find someone thru this forum perhaps, that can possibly shed some light on this connection. Maybe I should quote some family names that Sattlers married to, so as said, someone reads them, they could help?
I am trying all avenues to get the answers I want.


Re: Sattler von Baar ZG

Posted: Mon 26. Sep 2011, 09:42
by Knisterbein
Hi Gloria
In found 3 emigrated Sattler from Baar:
Hans Sattler b:1891 emigration 1914 to Sydney
Emil Sattler b: 1891 emigration 1912 to Wellington
Hans Sattler b: 1891 emigration 1914 to Sydney

best regards

Re: Sattler von Baar ZG

Posted: Mon 26. Sep 2011, 10:59
by Glosattler
Hi Pius
I thank for your information.
The Emil u say b. 1891 (s/be 1892), and immigrated to NZ, landing
in Wellington, he is the line my family descended from, (as he is my husbands grandfather). As for the other 2 named Hans b. 1891 and immigrated to Sydney, I will look into that. Because the only Hans I am aware of is Emil's brother, as he and 4 of his brothers immigrated at the same time 1912 to New Zealand.
But what I am really trying to find is Sattlers b4 this date, as in 1600's or earlier, and a connection that puts the Sattlers in Austria and further back to Germany.

Thanks again, for what you have sent

Re: Sattler von Baar ZG

Posted: Sat 23. Feb 2019, 23:41
by Bochtella
Grüezi Lesende,

Linus Bühler, Die Familie Sattler aus Baar, in Baarer Heimatbuch, Jg. 1997/1998