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Stehli von Affoltern am Albis ZH

Posted: Sun 15. Sep 2019, 15:13
by marcovth
Hello ...

I am looking for the parents of Gaspard Stehli and Catharine Hegetschweiler (Zwillikon). Their daughter Susanna was born in 1834.

Unfortunately, there don't seem to be records available online for Zurich after 1800.

Thanks in advance for any help.

- Marco.

Re: Gaspard Stehli x Catharine Hegetschweiler (Zwillikon)

Posted: Sun 15. Sep 2019, 19:14
by Peter.D
Hello Marco,

I suggest you contact the State Archives of Zurich. Since you obviously don't live close to Zurich, they will certainly look it up for you, be it in the parish register or in the family register, e.g. this one.
Indicate all information you already know.
Zwillikon was a fraction of the parish of Affoltern am Albis, however, at that time it had a separate Burgership (Zivilgemeinde).


Re: Stehli von Affoltern am Albis ZH

Posted: Mon 16. Sep 2019, 23:50
by marcovth
Thanks for your reply. I will check if they can help me.