Freimüller von Grossandelfingen ZH

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Freimüller von Grossandelfingen ZH

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My ancestor Ulrich Zander was born in the district Zurich. I can't find information about him. He had to friends in The Netherlands (Delft) who also were born in district Zurich. The were about the same age and came to the Netherlands about the same period. Perhaps they left Zurich together. Does anyone has more information about the persons below ? I am especially interested in their profession. Perhaps they went to The Netherlands to work. I'm also interested when these two People left Zurich. Does anybody know anything about them ?

Johannes Frijmuller (Freimüller), born in Andelfingen 20-02-1758.
Hendrik (Heinrich) Hanzelaar (Hansler), born in Grossmunster approximately 1760.

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