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Family Canetti from Medeglia

Posted: Sun 27. Jan 2008, 16:42
by Arnold
Dear list,
I am descendant of the couple Canetti / Borla.

Luis (¿Luigi?) Canetti was born about 1830 in Medeglia, Ticino.
He emigrated to Franck, Santa Fe, Argentina in 1870 and he married about 1870 with Theresa Borla, born between 1835 and 1842, possibly daughter of Joseph Borla.

Another data is his passport, given in Bellinzona 15 januar 1861, with the number 16, tax: 1 Fr.

Posibly Luis emigrated with his (possibly) brother, José Canetti, born between 1841 / 1843. There are 2 passport to José Canetti, Nr. 32 from Bellinzona (26 aug 1886) and Nr. 267 from Lugano (07 sept 1870).

I will thank any information about them or their family.

Best regards,

Adrián Arnold.
Franck, Santa Fe, Argentina