Bertea von Crana TI

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Bertea born in Faïdo

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Who knows Family Bertea? Who can help me?

My great-grandmother was born in Faïdo in 1895; she was from Crana. Her father, Jean (Giovanni) Bertea worked as engineer in the Simplon tunnel; Giovanni Bertea was married with Teresa. They were of Italian origin.

My great-grandmother was married with Jean Elie Cretton. She spoke German, Italian and French and lived in High-Valais and Valais...

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Bertea von Crana TI

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According to Familiennamenbuch Bertea (originally from Italy) gained citizenship of Crana TI in 1909 - so this just confirms your information.

Bertea is still not a common name in Switzerland - just 7 entries in the telephone directory - and they may even not be related to each other: another line, also originally from Italy, gained citizenship of Dietlikon ZH in 1913. The chances that someone from this family reads this forum and will contact you, are therefore rather small. What you could try is to contact the Bertea people listed in the telephone directory - it cannot be predicted if you'll get any help - but doesn't cost much.

The obvious alternative is the "official way" - contact the Civil Registry Office. Crana was joined in 1995 with Comologno and Russo to form Onsernone. Responsible for Onsernone is the Civil Registry Office Locarno. They should have your ancestors on their register - and may be able to tell you, from where in Italy the family originated.

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Bertea von Crana TI

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Ich bedanke Ihnen tausendmal für Ihre "wertvolle" Hilfe.

Many thanks for your help !

I'm searching in Italia now...

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