Bernasconi von Lugano TI

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Bernasconi von Lugano TI

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He died in 1963. He was a sculptor. Born in pazzallo. He was my grandfather. Im his first born granddaughter. I was born in the U.S. , Ohio.
My mother has since married to an Italian in '66 after my fathers death in 1964. They became U.S. citizens.
Mario was married to Irma Pannes.
I know Marios mothers first name was Catherina.
Not sure of his fathers name, i think it was Luigi. Thats all i know. Need to know how far back i can go. Id like to know if I can be a swiss citizen also. Knowing my half sibli gs have dual citizenship. Swiss and U.S.
Thank you
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Reason: original title: looking for Mario Bernasconi's ancestor genealogy

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Re: Bernasconi von Lugano TI

Post by Wolf » ... uote]Mario Bernasconi was born in 1899 in Lugano-Pazzallo, in a house facing the Museum. He was the son of Luigi Bernasconi (electrician) and Caterina Dozio (seamstress). He grew up with his sister Maria (Nini), who was two years younger.[/quote]There is also a Mario Bernasconi Museum. I would recommend to contact them first and ask what they got on his family.

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