Metzger von Schaffhausen SH

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Metzger von Schaffhausen SH

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Abgetrennt von Metzger von Wartau SG.

Thanks so much for the info!! I so appreciate the help.

The marriage of Hans Martin Metzger and Margareth Beusch is documented in the Schaffhausen Bartenschlager ... -R6X&i=104

Bartenschlager (M-N) Image 105 or "Die Metzger" page 25. Margaretha is listed as from Raefis in the County of Werdenberg. It would seem Martin is from Schaffhausen. However, there are many Metzger in the Bartenschlager. Despite this, the birthplace of Martin and his parents isn't listed. Perhaps most confusing for me is his mother's name "Leupert." I can't find any Leupert in the area. That led me to at least check these Metzgers in Sankt Gallen.

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Re: Metzger von Schaffhausen SH

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Leupert is not listed in the Register of Swiss Surnames. With Schaffhausen that close to the "German" border, a bride "from the other side" would not be surprising.

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