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Thoma von Amden SG

Posted: Thu 16. Aug 2012, 12:43
by Gulimutz
urspr. unter Alte Familien von Kaltbrunn SG publiziert

Guten Tag Thomas,
Mit der Suchmöglichkeit habe ich mit dem Namen Thoma auch Ihre Beiträge gefunden. Meine Grossmutter Rosa war eine gebürtige Thoma mit Heimatort Amden. Ich konnte mittlerweile die väterliche Linie wie nachfolgend gelistet zurückverfolgen.
Rosa Kessler-Thoma
- Vater Franz Ferdinand Thoma, 27.08.1869 - 02.12.1942, Dorothea Thoma, geborene Marschall
- Ferdinand Thoma, 29.09.1842 - 27.09.1921, Ehefrau Engelina Thoma, geborene Dort
- Thomas Thoma, 25.11.1804 - 13.07.1845, 1. Ehe Katharina Thoma, geborene Jöhl, 2. Ehe Katharina Thoma geborene Kessler
- Josef Thoma, 06.0.1768 - 17.04.1845, Ehefrau Anna Maria Thoma, geborene Böni.

Vielleicht ergeben sich ja Verknüpfungen. Es würde mich auf jedenfall riesig freuen, wenn ich einmal mehr eine schöne Überraschung erleben könnte.

Freundliche Grüsse
Georg Wetter

Re: Thoma von Amden SG

Posted: Thu 16. Aug 2012, 19:58
by Wolf
Eine Verknüpfung gibt es tatsächlich: laut Familiennamenbuch stammen die Kaltbrunner Thoma urspr. aus Amden - sind dort aber schon seit vor 1800 nachgewiesen.

Um zu verwirrende Threads zu vermeiden, sollten die beiden Linien deswegen separat diskutiert werden - hier bitte nur Thoma von Amden besprechen und für Thoma von Kaltbrunn ggf. einen neuen Thread starten.

Re: Thoma von Amden SG

Posted: Tue 21. Aug 2012, 14:51
by 11
Herr Gulimutz

Am besten sie gehen ins Staatsarchiv St.Gallen und lassen sich den Mikrofilmappapparat reservieren. Dann verlangen Sie die 3 MF von Amden und dort finden Sie alle verfilmte Kirchenbücher von Amden (Taufbuch, Ehebuch, Totenbuch, Familienverzeichnis) und dort finden Sie die 6 verschiedene Thoma-Familien von Amden. Es gibt noch Thoma in Schänis.

Mit Gruss

Re: Thoma von Amden SG

Posted: Sun 2. Sep 2012, 14:06
by Gulimutz
Hallo 11,
Vielen Dank für die Hilfe.
Da offenbar auch die Wetter (Vorfahren väterlicherseits) auch aus dem Kanton St. Gallen zu kommen scheinen, werde ich mal einen Tag dort verbringen.

Thoma (oder Thomas) von Amden

Posted: Wed 14. Aug 2013, 17:23
by patriceallardin

I'm sorry, I don't speak German and I've got a poor English.

I'm looking for any information about an ancestor of my wife named (in France) Jean Baptiste Thomas (or Thoma), born in Amden near 1870, and emigrated to France.

I would be glad if you could help me during my research because I don't really know where to find informations in Switzerland. Is there something available online for those informaitons? How to consult it?...

Thank you for any help.


Re: Thoma von Amden SG

Posted: Wed 14. Aug 2013, 22:04
by Wolf
Your wife's ancestor will be Johann Baptist Thoma: Thoma is a fairly common name in the Gaster region of canton St.Gallen and they have been citizens of Amden. So, if born in Amden, there is a fair chance the family also held the citizenship of Amden (amongst other communities).

The first thing to check would be the "Bürgerregister" which can be viewed without any restrictions, unlike the "Zivilstandsregister", which were started in 1876. Unfortunately the only place to view the Bürgerregister is the St.Gallen State Archive. I believe the Amden Bürgerregister has an index - so it shouldn't take too long to check. Next time I visit the State Archive (no promise, when!) I'll try to fit this in.

If JBT was born "too late" you'd have to contact the Civil Registry Office and ask for a "Familienschein" - which unfortunately will involve a fairly hefty fee.

The alternative is church records: more time consuming - but no restrictions to view. The Amden records have been filmed by the Mormons and may be viewed in their history centres.

There are no relevant documents online.

You do not mention any other information, like names of parents or wife: any tiny bit of information might be important to identify "your" JBT - as there may well be several Johann Baptist Thoma within a few years around 1870.

Re: Thoma von Amden SG

Posted: Fri 16. Aug 2013, 14:37
by patriceallardin
Hello Wolf,

Thank you very much for your informations.

It seems compromised for further research in Switzerland for the moment. I will be patient and wait for online data.

You tell me that I don't give you a lot of informations, but I don't know anything about the parents, and he was "not" married with Marie Euphrasie Virginie Bonnefoy. So the only interesting information is the fact that in 1906, in the population census, he was living in Limeil Brévannes in France, and it is written that he was born in Amden in Switzerland, in 1870. I have no other information.

Thank you again.


Re: Thoma von Amden SG

Posted: Fri 23. Aug 2013, 19:22
by Wolf
Hello Patrice,

whilst at the State Archive anyway I had a look at the Amden Bürgerregister - and found a potential "candidate" (volume 3 / entry 1495):
Thoma Johann Baptist, * Amden 19 Jun 1870
oo Wittenbach 30 Apr 1896
Riedener Maria Elisa, * Wittenbach 12 Jan 1871, + Mörschwil 27 Jan 1899
only child:
Johann Baptist, * Wittenbach 18 Aug 1897, oo Zürich 13 May 1925, + Rüschlikon 21 Nov 1957

There is no mention of an emigration - but the fact that there is no death date might be an indication that he died abroad. On the other hand - his wife and son died in Switzerland.

Would this fit "your" Johann Baptist Thoma?

Re: Thoma von Amden SG

Posted: Sat 24. Aug 2013, 22:23
by patriceallardin
Hello Wolf,

Thank you again.

If there is no other Johann Baptist Thoma born on the same period, I think he can be the one I'm looking for.

In fact, Johann Baptist Thoma seems to have emigrated to France before 1906. He appears in the population census of Limeil- Brévannes. And then, he had a daughter with Marie Euphrasie Virginie Bonnefoy, named Julienne Marie, born in Limeil-Brévannes, dated 01 Aug 1909. Her parents were not married, so she was "recognized" by them in Limiel-Bévannes, dated 23 Aug 1909. On the document, JBT is named "Jean Baptiste Thomas" that sounds french, but he signs "Joh Baptist Thomas" that doesn't. The child was my wife's great grandmother, dead 4 years ago, and she was convinced that she was the only child.

The last thing that I have to do is to find the death date and place of JBT to know if there is more information, but for the moment, I have no idea where to look.

On the other hand, is there a genealogist club based on St Gallen, which I can ask for other question? Because, of course, I will have to find his parents and so on...

Thank you very much,


Re: Thoma von Amden SG

Posted: Sat 7. Sep 2013, 14:13
by Wolf
In the above mentioned entry 1495 "St.Gallen" stands next to the father's name, which I interpret that the family lived in the city of St.Gallen - so I enquired whether the family was on the police register of the city. The response was that a Johann Baptist Thoma of Amden, born 08.08.1901, was registered (parents not given) - but not the one born 18.08.1897, and his parents. So this doesn't really solve our problem :cry:.
patriceallardin wrote:On the other hand, is there a genealogist club based on St Gallen, which I can ask for other question? Because, of course, I will have to find his parents and so on...
Yes - there is: GHGO ... but if you ask there, your enquiry will end up on my desk ;).