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Post by LRichard » Fri 11. Jan 2019, 19:35

I have been looking for years for information for my husband on his fathers side of the family. My husband Brian Richard lost all his parents by the time he was 11 in the 1970's. At that age he was hardly interested in family history. His grandpa Paul Numa JeanRichard (BIRTH 29 AUG 1887 • La Sagne, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, DEATH 13 SEP 1954 • New Jersey)and grandma Helene JeanRichard, BIRTH 9 OCT 1887 • Neuchatel, Switzerland, DEATH 2 JUL 1982 • Grand Prairie, Tarrant, Texas, USA (daughter of Arnold Villieumier) came to america in 1922 bringing with them Paul JeanRichard Jr. born in 1911 and Charles JeanRichard born in 1917. They stayed in the New York/New Jersey area but Paul Jr. eventually ended up in Texas. The only other thing i know about my husbands family is that his 5 X great grandfather was the swiss watchmaker Daniel JeanRichard born in 1672 in Bressels, near La Sagne, in the Jura Mountains. If anyone can point me in the right direction to fill in these years blanks and find out if ANY relatives might be alive in Switzerland, that would be so awesome and appreciated. In the USA the family changed their name from JeanRichard to simply Richard. Brian's father is Charles Jean Richard and his uncle took the name Paul George RichardS (with an s added to his name). Again thanks in advance for any help. :D :) :D Also, i only speak English. :roll:

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Re: JeanRichard

Post by Felber » Wed 16. Jan 2019, 21:00

The church records of the canton Neuchatel and La Sagne are on FamilySearch, but you have to be in one of their centers to view them. The records of La Sagne only go from 1682 up to 1875. After 1876 there are national civil vital records. Do you know Paul Numa Jeanrichard's parents? If not you might have to contact the responsible "Zivilstandsamt". For La Sagne it would be the "Etat civil des Montagnes neuchâteloises", there you might be able to get some more information with costs.

But there might be a problem since those records are in French. Knowledge of French and the old scripture are learnable but necessary to understand the records.

In the Historic Biographic Lexicon of Switzerland there's an entry of the family Jeanrichard in volume 4, page 393 (in German).

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Re: JeanRichard

Post by Svenja » Fri 18. Jan 2019, 17:06


First step should be to look at the passenger lists, I found two in 1922 and both extend on two pages.
Paul Nama Jeanrichard mentionned his place of birth as Le Locle, and he lived at La-Chaux-de-Fonds. ... cc=1368704

The second passenger list says his wife was born in Tramelan and both sons were born in La-Chaux-de-Fonds.
Unfortunately no names of parents or relatives are mentionned, only friends with surname Kilchenmann. ... cc=1368704

Second step should be to look at findagrave or in the newspapers if there was published an obituary.
Obituaries contain information like the date and place of birth, the names of parents and siblings.

Once you have all this information you can start your researches in Switzerland, they way already described by Felber.
Maybe you will also find some information in the newspapers of the Canton Neuchâtel or other parts of West Switzerland. ... EH6XVVKipo


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