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Perrenot in Neuchâtel NE

Posted: Tue 18. Jun 2013, 18:32
by blommers

I am interested in two men from Neuchatel who made name in 18th century Holland:

Mr. Jacob Perrenot, born 1694, died 1767 in Culemborg, where he was member of the Court of Justice.
He studied in Leiden (beginning 1732, when he was already 36); he married Maria de Louvigny, from Londen, in 1734.
Perrenot was a free time cartographer in the 1750's and 60's; he made a well known printed map of the counties of Culemborg and Buren.

Jacob had a nephew, who was in his care: mr. Abraham Perrenot, who also studied Law (1741-1748), was steward of the domains of county Culemborg, and became member of the Coucil of the Domains of the Prince of Nassau-Orange. He was born in 1726 in Neuchatel and died in 1784 in The Hague.

Both dates of birth are estimated, I think, made from there ages at enrollment for study at their University.

Who there fathers were, or other relatives, is unknown to me. What career Jacob has had before 1732 when he enrolled in the study of law I don't know, but he was already 36 years of age then.
Abraham made a gift of about 8.000 guilders in his testament of 1772 for his cousin Jacob Perrenot, living at Brévine in the county of Neuchatel, his son Jacob and his other four children.

Who can help me by claering both men's descend and family ?

Bert Blommers
a historian from the Netherlands

Re: Perrenot in Neuchâtel NE

Posted: Wed 19. Jun 2013, 16:42
by Peter.D
Hi Bert,

I suggest you turn to the pages of the Société Neuchâteloise de Généalogie.