Dusch von Samedan GR

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Dusch von Samedan GR

Beitrag von Bill1957 » Fr 21. Mai 2021, 12:49

Hello from the UK

Andreas Dusch (1862-1926) was my great grandfather. In 1891, he married Anna Murezzan. I’m trying to find out what happened to Anna and I’m wondering whether anyone has access to her birth, marriage, death record?

Best wishes


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Re: Dusch von Samedan GR

Beitrag von Wolf » Fr 21. Mai 2021, 15:10

Welcome to the forum, Bill :D !

On the technical side: we only discuss single families (defined by surname and place of citizenship) in each topic. Spouse's families should be discussed in separate topics - topics can be linked to each other. I have therefore renamed your contribution.

Now for your question: if you don't get a response here (not too likely with such a "recent" request) you could contact the Civil Registry Office in St.Moritz and ask what you would have to do (and pay) to get a Familienschein.

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Re: Dusch von Samedan GR

Beitrag von Carmen » Sa 22. Mai 2021, 17:03

Andreas Dusch ist in Samedan geboren und auch dort Bürger. Die Eltern sind Andrea Dusch und Martha Badrutt. Du findest Andreas Dusch auch auf MyHeritage.




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