Rilliet de Genève GE

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Louis Constant Victor Rilliet, 1848-1917 ??

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I'm working on three diaries of Louis Constant Victor Rilliet from St Gallen (1848-1917)??. He wrote his diary in French. Apparently he was a merchant, selling silks and velvet throughout Europe and the near East. I didn't find so much about his own life in the diaries. I was wondering if somebody had any further information (date of birth, death, any biographical information about him or his family. By the way, He had a brother called Riquet Rilliet.
Any help will be great!

Thank you


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Rilliet de Genève GE

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The only citizenship for Rilliet mentioned in Familiennamenbuch is that of the city of Geneva, gained in 1484 by a family from Collonge-Bellerive GE. The diary in French points in this direction as well. As Louis Constant Victor Rilliet lived after 1876, the Civil Registry Office in Geneva should have him on their register. The question is whether you will be able to get any info: are you a direct descendant?

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Rilliet de Genève GE

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Allez sur le site de la Société genevoise de généalogie, et vous trouverez sur l'arbre tous les RILLIET. Votre RILLIET n'était pas né à Genève mais à Bâle, où il est décédé célibataire en 1927.

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