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Schneider-Bachli —> Argentienen 1860–1863

Posted: Thu 14. Jun 2018, 01:31
by Maria Eugenia
Francais - English
Mon arrière-arrière-grand-père était Dominik Zehnder, né à Birmenstorf, en Argovie, le 7 février 1845. Il a émigré en Argentine avant 1866, à Colonia Esperanza (Province de Santa Fe, Argentine). De son origine, je sui certain.

D'après les documents que j'ai trouvés en Argentine, les informations que j'ai sont les suivantes. J'aimerais trouver un plus précis concernant mes ancêtres suisses, en particulier mon arrière-grand-mère.

Le 5 mars 1867, Dominik Zehnder a épousé Anna Maria / Maria Anna Bächli (30 ans) (ou Maria Anna Bachler), à Colonia Esperanza.

Maria Anna Bächli était fille de Joseph Bächli et Catherine Massig (ou Catherine Maria?), "Helvetica" (de Suisse).

Maria Anna était veuve de Fridolin Schneider, également de Suisse.
Fridolin Schneider et Maria Anna Bächli ont émigré en Argentine, avec 2 filles: Rosina Schneider (probablement Rosalie ou Rose (Suisse, ~ 1854)) et Pauline Schneider (Suisse, ~ 1860).
Le 2 juillet 1863, leur fils nommé Federico Schneider est baptisé (Arch Eclesiastic de Santa Fe, Loi n ° 112, page 26, novembre 1863).
En 1866, un autre fils Xavier a été baptisé (j'ai obtenu cet information dans l'index de baptême de l'église, mais le certificat de naissance n'est pas disponible).
Ainsi, ils (Fridolin et Anna Maria / Maria Anna) ont dû émigrer entre 1860 et 1863.

Le certificat de décès de Frilolin dans l'église Esperanza indique qu'il était le fils de Bonifat (Bonifaz?) Schneider et Magdalena Bächle. Curieusement, il dit qu'il était marié à Anna Maria Yeagle.

Est-ce quelqu'un pourrait m'aider à trouver un document (électronique serait bien) pour trouver mon arrière-grand-mère vrai nom de famille, sa date de naissance et son lieu de naissance et / ou son mariage avec Fridolin Schneider.

Merci beaucoup en avance.
Maria Eugenia
My great-great-grandfather was Dominik Zehnder, born in Birmenstorf, Argovie, on Feb 7, 1845. He emigrated to Argentina before 1866, to Colonia Esperanza (Provincia de Santa Fe, Argentina). From its origin, I am certain.

From the documents I found in Argentina, the information I have is as follows. I would like to find a more specific one about my Swiss ancestors, especially my great-grandmother.

On 5 March 1867, Dominik Zehnder married Anna Maria/ Maria Anna Bächli (30 years old) (or Maria Anna Bachler), in Colonia Esperanza.

Maria Anna Bächli was daughter of Joseph Bächli and Catherine Massig (or Catherine Maria?), "Helvetica" (from Suisse).

She was widow of Fridolin Schneider, also from Suisse.
Fridolin Schneider and Maria Anna Bächli emigrated to Argentina, with 2 girls: Rosina (probably Rosalie or Rose Schneider (~ 1854)) and Pauline Schneider (~1860).
On 2 Jul 1863, their son named Federico Schneider is baptized (Archivo Arquidiosesano de Santa Fe, Acta No 112, pag 26, Noviembre 1863 ).
In 1866, another son of them, named Xavier, was baptized (I got his information in the church baptism index, but the birth certificate is not available).
So, they (Fridolin and Anna Maria/Maria Anna) must have emigrated in between 1860 and 1863.

Frilolin's death certificate in Esperanza Church states that he was son of Bonifatis (Bonifaz?) Schneider and Magdalena Bächle. Curiously it says that he was married to Anna Maria Yeagle.

Could somebody help me to find some document (electronic would be fine) to find out my great-great-grandmother real last name, her birth date and birth place and/or her marriage with Fridolin Schneider.?

Thanks in advance.
Maria Eugenia

Re: Schneider-Bachli —> Argentienen 1860–1863

Posted: Wed 20. Jun 2018, 19:22
by Bisabuela
Hello Maria Eugenia,

First of all, I can't provide you with any response about your search, but I let you know that I am searching for the same: to find the information on one of my ancestors (great-grandmother Katharina Battig, born in Kanton of Luzern in 1854, Switzerland), who arrived to Colonia San Carlos, Argentina, in 1859 with her family.

Your great-grandma and mine were pioneers on the same lands of Santa Fe Province, Argentina. I was myself born in Esperanza (Sta Fe, Argentina)

Wishing you well in your quest.

Best regards,

Ana Ubelarte (Uebelhart)

Re: Schneider-Bachli —> Argentienen 1860–1863

Posted: Wed 20. Jun 2018, 23:52
by Maria Eugenia
Dear Ana,
do you believe you bisabuela is the same Katherina than the sister of my great great grandmother?.
Do you speak spanish?.
If I can help in some way, I live in Argentina, in Parana, please let me know.
Best regards and good luck in your search.
Maria Eugenia

Re: Schneider-Bachli —> Argentienen 1860–1863

Posted: Thu 21. Jun 2018, 17:29
by Bisabuela
Hello Maria Eugenia,

I don't think your great grandma and my great grandma were sisters...
My great grandma (Catherina Battig) was daughter of Michel Battig and Elizabeth Bissang, all of them born in the Luzern Kanton...

The family arrived to Argentina on 1859 with three children (one of them Catherina that was only 5.1/2 years old at that time) In 1873 Catherina married Niklaus Uebelhart (my great grandpa) from Switzerland and they continued to live in the San Carlos' area.

The only reason I contacted you is because we are in the same quest (to find information on our ancestors who came from Switzerland and established in the Santa Fe Province)

Yes, I speak Spanish; I was born in Esperanza (Santa Fe Province) and I emigrated to Canada in 1989.

If by any chance you have some information on my ancestors, I would appreciate that you contact me.

Best regards,

Ana Ubelarte (Uebelhart)

Re: Schneider-Bachli —> Argentienen 1860–1863

Posted: Sat 23. Jun 2018, 04:43
by Maria Eugenia
Hi Ana
certainly I will let you know if I find some information concerning your ancestors or if I get some key to decode these mysteries.
I asked you because Battig last name sounds familiar to me, but can't find why.
Best regards
Maria Eugenia