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Ruppenthal aus Nohen

Posted: Wed 8. May 2019, 15:13
by Scheibler
Good morning!

My ancestor Johann Jakob Ruppenthal was born in Nohen in Aug. 28, 1837. He married with Wilhelmine Hanauer in Jan. 19, 1860. The couple emigrated to Brazil in 1861 with their first son Carl (1860).

The parents of Johann Jakob were Johann Nickel Ruppenthal (1801) and Maria Elisabeth Hey (1805 - 15/12/1889).

There is a contradiction in relation to the parents of Johann Nickel. The sources indicate Johann Philipp Ruppenthal that was born in Out. 1, 1747 and died in Jun. 6, 1857. But the age of people that died in 1857 was 84 years old, not 110. Johann Philipp married with Christina Elisabeth Röhrig (or Elisabeth Catharina Röhrig) in Fev. 8, 1776, in Nohen.

Someone can help me? What are the correct names of Johann Nickel's parents?

Thanks :D

Re: Ruppenthal aus Nohen

Posted: Wed 8. May 2019, 16:15
by pollie
Hallo Scheibler.
FB.Birkenfeld 1798-1905.

3722 Ruppenthal, Johann Philipp, Schäfer
Röhrig, Elisabeth Katharina, Nohen
Gol 19.04./22.04.1807 Franz Christian
Gol 14.08./15.08.1811 Maria Karolina Katharina
Mit den besten Grüßen.

Re: Ruppenthal aus Nohen

Posted: Wed 8. May 2019, 17:53
by Scheibler
Hello, Hermann!

The majority of sources says exactly the informations that you gave me. But is really possible that Johann Philipp Ruppenthal were 110 years old when he died in 1857?

So, the paternal tree would be Johann Philipp Ruppenthal (1747) < Johann Melchior Ruppenthal (1717 - 1786) < Johann Melchior Ruppenthal (about 1685) < Matthes (Matthias) Ruppenthal (1646) < Andreas Ruppenthal (1600).

Thanks for help!

Re: Ruppenthal aus Nohen

Posted: Wed 8. May 2019, 19:34
by elias
He look at here ... 1341432433

it seems complicated