Giefer from Huttingen bei Lahr

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Giefer from Huttingen bei Lahr

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I am hoping that somebody on this forum can help me find records of my family that are from the town, Huttingen bei Lahr. I have not been able to find any records for my family in Germany so maybe someone here has a family book or town records that has information on my family.

Jacob Giefer born 14 Sep 1844 in Huttingen bei Lahr, I believe his parents were John Giefer and Elisabeth Moos.
Jacob Giefer married Annie Kerten (spelling maybe different) in Ohio, USA.

Annie Kerten was born 24 Apr 1852 in Huttingen bei Lahr, her father's name was Peter Kerten (his name was on Annie's marriage record). Annie's mother's name may have been Katrina Maria Witten (name was found on a US Census, but I haven't found a second source).

I have seen on this forum that other people looking for information about family from the town of Huttingen bei Lahr were successful, user: aggerperle seems to be the main person that has access to records. I am hoping they can help me because I have been unable to go further back in my family genealogy on my German side. It would be amazing if I can find their actual birthdates, parents's names and possibly the towns their parents came from. I believe the Giefer family came from Luxembourg.


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Re: Giefer from Huttingen bei Lahr

Post by Nico »

Kerten family is discussed in this thread.


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Re: Giefer from Huttingen bei Lahr

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Hallo nuke126.

GIEWER Johann (L) <674.1>, S.v. G. Nikolaus (-) und GOERENS Margaretha (-)
* 01.07.1807 Medernach/L. (Q.: StANusbaum 1837H/1 Heiratsakt) + 16.08.1847 Hüttingen (Q.: StANusbaum
1847S/9 u. 1847-64-10) bgr Lahr
vh S/K 10/11.01.1837 Nusbaum/Lahr (Q.: StANusbaum 1837H/1 u. 1837-37-1) (Vorbehaltlich einer anderen Ehe von Moos
MOOS, MOHS Elisabeth (L) <1630.1,1349>, T.v. MOOS, MAAß, MOHS Johann (L) und HEIDERSCHEID,
HEITERSCHEID Margaretha Anna Maria (L)
* 27.03.1806 Hüttingen (Q.: StANusbaum 1806G/8) + 04.01.1877 Hüttingen bgr Lahr (Q.: StANusbaum 1877S/1 u.
1. Johann (L) */~ 15.10.1837 Hüttingen/Lahr (Q.: StANusbaum 1837G/21 u. 1837-144-18) <673>
P.: MOHS Johann, Hüttingen u. GIRENS Margaretha, Medernach/L.
vh 1866 HAUS Katharina
2. Heinrich (L) */~ 12/13.01.1840 Hüttingen/Lahr (Q.: StANusbaum 1840G/1 u. 1840-150-1)
P.: MOOS Heinrich, Hüttingen u. Giwer Maria, Medernach/L.
3. Jakob (L) */~ 28/29.08.1844 Hüttingen/Lahr (Q.: StANusbaum 1844G/10 u. 1844-166-10)
P.: PROMMENSCHENKEL Jakob, Medernach u. MOOS Anna Maria, Hüttingen


446 GIWER Nicolas <440.4>, Ackerer
* um 1778 Haller + 11.01.1850 Medernach, 72 J.
S.v. G. Nicolas und WEYLAND Anna Maria
vh S 06.02.1805 Medernach (Z.: Lux Martin, 48 J. u. Petry Bernard, 56 J./Medernach)
GOERENS Margaretha <465.1>
* 12.07.1783 Medernach + 25.11.1858 Medernach
T.v. G. Nicolas und MANDERSCHEID Anna Maria
1. Johann Nicolas * 03.05.1806 Medernach vh 1832 NOCKELS Margaretha <451>
P.: Petry Bernard, 58 J. u. Bingen Philipp, 26 J./Medernach
2. Johann * 07.07.1807 Medernach
P.: Petry Bernard, 59 J. u. Fabry Anton, 33 J./Medernach
3. Johanna * 14.09.1811 Medernach + 04.04.1819 Medernach
P.: Arendt Nicolas, 25 J. u. Deviscour Nicolas, 36 J./Medernach
4. Helena * 23.09.1816 Medernach vh 1839

440 GIWER Nicolas, Ackerer
* um 1732 + 26.02.1798 Medernach, 66 J.
vh vor 1762
WEYLAND Anna Maria
* um 1731 + 10.03.1798 Medernach, 67 J.
1. Maria Catharina * um 1762 Wahlhausen vh 1785 LENTZ Johann Rudolf <781>
2. Jacob * um 1767 Medernach + 20.04.1835 Medernach, 68 J.
3. Dominik * um 1775 Medernach + 08.09.1800 Fischbach-les-Mersch
vh S 14.01.1800 Fischbach-les-Mersch THEISEN Maria
* 20.03.1777 Fischbach-les-Mersch + 10.08.1804 Fischbach-les-Mersch
4. Nicolas * um 1778 Haller vh 1805 GOERENS Margaretha
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