Schür - Wesuwe

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Schür - Wesuwe

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First of all, I can't write German, but I will understand it and can read it. But I will ask my question in English, because it is much easier for me.

My grandmothers maiden name was Schür, she is born in Onstwedde, Groningen, Netherlands in 1925. Her father, Harmannus Nikolaas Schür was also born in Groningen, Netherlands. But his father has been born in Altenberge, Niedersachsen, Germany. His name was Herman Henrich Schür.

I have a lot of data according to the name Schür. But after a couple of years I am beginning to believe that there is something wrong with my information.

To make it a little bit more clear, I will put the names in a row, from myself to the eldest person I have in my database.

- Me (1981-)
- Johanna Schoenmaker (1951-2004)
- Margaretha Schür (1925-2003)
- Harmannus Nikolaas Schür (1874-1958)
- Herman Henrich Schür (1820-1900) *Born in Altenberge, Niedersachsen, died in Groningen, Netherlands*
- Gerhard Heinrich Schür (1785-1855)
- Johann Hermann Schür (±1750-<1813)

The last person, Johann Hermann Schür (Schuur/Schüer) I am uncertain of, het married, according to my database, with Tecla Schulten (Maria Tecla; Schulte) (±1753-1814).

Is there somebody who can tell me more about this family? Thank you!

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