Martin de la CHORLE

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Départements : Ain (01), Allier (03), Ardèche (07), Cantal (15), Drôme (26), Haute-Loire (43), Haute-Savoie (74), Isère (38), Loire (42), Puy-de-Dôme (63), Rhône (69), Savoie (73)

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Martin de la CHORLE

Beitrag von monorouge » Mo 26. Mai 2008, 19:32

Je recherche pour une généalogiste américaine des informations sur le comte de la CHORLE, originaire du Dauphiné, qui s'est exilé en Prusse au moment de la révolution.
Voici les informations dont je dispose :
My source of information for de la Chorle comes from a letter that my husband's great-grandfather wrote in about 1900 to his son in America.

He wrote:
"Our ancestors came from France. They left during the big revolution. At that time their name was Count de la Chorle. 1793 Count de la Chorle was stripped of everything and escaped to Germany. Count zu Dohna was his friend and he took him in. The Commanding General let Count de la Chorle rent Guhren with the option to buy. He also installed a new water system.

"He did away with his title and took the legal name Schurdel. Grandfather [the displaced count] from Schlobitten/Guhren died in the year 1823. Grandfather's father in France died when he was 108 years old. (France Province Dauphine)"

One other bit of documentation for the displaced count is the marriage record of one of his sons, Gottfried, in Riesenburg, in 1840, roughly translated:
31 May, the coachman Gotfried Schordel, second son of Guhren by Muhlhausen of the deceased administrator of a manorial estate, courtier, Martin Schordel, with Sophia Dorothea Schroeder of here second daughter of deceased citizen and ceramic maker Gottfried Schroeder.

I think the displaced count, Martin de la Chorle, was born about 1770, perhaps in the Dauphine area of France. He died in 1823 in East Prussia

Si quelqu'un pouvait orienter mes recherches...où chercher en Dauphiné ?


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Re: Martin de la CHORLE

Beitrag von anastunya » Mo 5. Mär 2018, 01:06

My Chorle ancestor Frederich came to US via Austrian Serbia in 1910. His sister Hermonine came a year later. They are both on the Ellis Island and Banat registers, but not under Chorle or Shurdel because they “Magarized” the last name. Not sure how they got from Prussia to Serbia. Fred went to business school in Graz. Name Huber also associated with family.
I would like to know French origin of last name, does it mean “choir”? Merci!


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