Casanova / Marfoure

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Départements : Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (04), Hautes-Alpes (05), Alpes-Maritimes (06), Bouches-du-Rhône (13), Var (83), Vaucluse (84)

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Casanova / Marfoure

Post by tapatoo »

Hello together
I am new here , and i seeking my Grandma and her second husband. I heard they lived a longer time at Albitreccia and at Nice.
How I can find any information about this?
My grandma is a german, birth at 1909,(Maria Madeleine Welker) married a Jean Lucian Marfoure *1913 in Apt, divorced at 1966 in Aix.
I am thankful for every help, cause i cant speak french
lg tomas

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Casanova / Marfoure

Post by Jean-Yves »

Hello !
What are you exactly seeking ? I think the place where your grandma lived ? In this case, I suppose you could obtain a copy of the jugment of the divorce ; certainly you have to prove that she was your grandma. On the document you will obtain, is the address where she leaved in 1966. This will certainly help you. You have to write to the Tribunal de Grande Instance at Aix (en Provence ? it's not so far from Apt ; it may be supposed she lived in Provence for a long time, perhaps from her wedding to 1966 and probably later).

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Re: Casanova / Marfoure

Post by pepcara »

Hi Tomas,

My name is Corinne, I am Maria's grand daughter. I was looking for people who knew my mother when I saw your post. I do not know where is Maria now and if she is still alive (I do not think so). Last time I saw her, it was 20 years ago. Maria and Jean my grandpa had two daughters, but I am not sure that my mother was my grandpa's daughter, then they divorced and she lived with Michel Casanova who was from Corsica. I heard that Maria was pregnant when she arrived to France of my mother. This is a very complicated family story. I hope to have some news from you. I will tell you everything I know. But in this family, they did not tell me many things about their lifes (I have asked but......)

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