Schneiter / Schneider in Leeuwarden

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Schneiter / Schneider in Leeuwarden

Beitrag von henryjoon » Mo 15. Dez 2008, 22:02

Dear Mr. Krijbolder

I thank you for your prompt answer to my question - it seems that my first answer did not reach you, therefore I repeat what I found in various registers.

Householdbook 1750: "NB: Hans Schneiter als Vagant(?) im 9ber 46 (November 1746) nach Haus und begehrte einen Tauschein. Zeigte an, d(ass) er ehelich versprochen mit Fr. Sis.. Bräunin, Bierbraueri (?) in Leeuwarden in Friesland, allwo er sich setzen (?) wolle".

Householdbook 1762: "21. Aug. (1)712 Hans Schneiter starb i9 Herbsten (September) (year cover with ink spot) Sig... Bräunin von Leeuwarden in in Friesland allwo sie sich aufhalten. alt Bierbrauer. Married in 1747". Note: the date of death was added later and the "alt Bierbrauer" very likely as well.

Death record entered around Oct. 20, 1781 reads: "i9 Herbsten: Hans (overwritten Johannes) Schneiter Bierbbrauer von NN (Niederneunforn) starb in Leeuwarden in Friesland, Alter 69-00-25".

The parents of Hans / Johannes were Adam Schneiter and Elisabeth Schweizer, both already dead in 1746. In Switzerland Hans (short for Johannes) and Johannes were commonly used at the same time. In the late 18th century and even more so in the 19th "Hans" was more and more replaced by "Johannes", even children baptised "Hans" (or combinations of "Hans" (Jakob etc)) were later (marriage or death) recorded as "Johannes".

This Hans Schneiter was not one of my ancestors but is in so far of interest, as he was one of the few that left home and country, married and died abroad and was still recorded at home. As he got his baptism certificate late 1746 he married most likely in spring 1747. Leeuwarden is 650 km (as the crow flies) from Neunforn. A distance that a person could cover in 3 to 4 weeks. As far as I am concerned I am just interested to have the marriage date and the correct names of the wife.

Best regards
H. Straub
PS: I copied the two entries in the Householdbooks and can send them to you.


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